We are excited to share our work. Here you will find lots of great content published by our member-owners.  

What is The Staffing Cooperative?

We are a scale-oriented, cooperatively owned family of staffing businesses. We are laying the foundation for a future of work that centers:

  • Access: Individuals who have suffered from oppression have access to dignified work
  • Ownership: All workers own the fruits of their labor - not just wages, but profits as well
  • Respect: People across occupations treat each other with compassion and respect, recognizing each other’s innate worth
  • Democracy: Business leaders are structurally accountable to their workers and other stakeholders

Embracing Growth, Maintaining Democracy

Our family of companies has a unique ownership structure designed to allow for growth while maintaining democratic control by workers. The Staffing Cooperative is the holding company, which owns a majority stake in all of our operating companies. Anyone employed by Staffing Cooperative or any of its subsidiaries - including both coordinating staff and people placed through our services - are members of the Cooperative.

The Staffing Cooperative Network

This structure allows us to acquire or partner with businesses that want to retain some ownership interest, or seek more traditional investors, while maintaining worker control of the family of businesses. We also have a fiscally sponsored nonprofit that does training and workforce development, impact analysis, expansion and market research, and more!

Building Momentum Every Day

Stay tuned as we continue to grow! We will be posting periodically about the cooperative's structure, our culture and design ethos, as well our engineering challenges. Content will include best practices and some of our hard lessons learned.

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